Mike Eli of Eli Young Band finally feels at home. No, he's not kicking his feet up and putting an end to his country music career. He and his wife Kacey just brought their baby girl, Kline Olivia, home, and they finally feel their space is complete.

“It’s been me, my wife and our dogs in the house since we got married, but when we brought Kline home it really changed the dynamic in so many ways,” the singer told People Country. “The house definitely feels more like a home now that she’s here.”

Naturally, the Elis are going through the sleep withdrawal that comes with new parenthood but the 'Say Goodnight' hitmaker isn't complaining about it. “A lot of people tell you that they can’t explain [fatherhood] because no one can know that feeling until you actually hold your child for the first time," he says. "It’s even better than you think it is."

Of course, everything comes with a learning curve. It took Eli a while to learn how to burp his baby girl. Even though Kacey laughed at him along the way, she did try to help him figure it out.

“One of my first times burping Kline, Kacey was talking to me, telling me what I need to do and I’m looking up at her,” Eli explained. "Then Kacey giggles and I realize I’m patting the back of [Kline's] head instead of her back.”

“It’s one of those things she’s giving me a hard time about,” he added. “I know you have to pat the back and not the head! I was like, ‘You’re making me nervous! Go away!’”

Regardless of his less-than-stellar burping skills, sweet little Kline is lucky to have a daddy who can sing a great lullaby.

“I sing to [Kline] as much as I can and I make sure that whoever is holding her is not singing to her unless they’re singing correctly,” he said joking. “Kacey actually does have a voice, but she’s Mama so she can do whatever she wants! You don’t give Mom rules -- that’s rule number one. You let Mom give you the rules.”

It sounds like the Eli Young Band frontman may have fatherhood figured out after all. For more about the Elis new addition, pick up the latest issue of People Country.

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