The violence in the city on Saturday night was brutal. The city took a beating. While some of the things could be cleaned or swept up, glass isn't cheap to replace...especially when it's from a stained glass window. The Elmwood Village has put together a fund to help support the businesses and raise money to pay for the broken windows that were damaged.

As sad as it was to watch what went down on Saturday night, it was encouraging to see the other side of it when volunteers just came from nowhere when the sun came up on Sunday to clean up their city.

There were people scrubbing monuments and buildings to get the spray paint off, cleaning up gardens that had been stomped and had flowers thrown on the sidewalks.  But what can be done about the smashed windows?  While the broken glass can be swept up, those windows aren't cheap to replace.

So the Elmwood Village is looking to the city of good neighbors to help make it beautiful again.

They've put together a "Glass Ain't Cheap" Fundraiser.  They ask that you give literally anything you can..

"Please, donate even just $5. That’s the cost of a cup of coffee that you’ve probably enjoyed before from a business on Elmwood, a business that is now closed up with plywood."

They do add that fixing the glass won't solve the problem.  But at least it's a step in the right direction.  And this country could use as many of those steps as possible.  We have a lot of fixing that has to be done.

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