It’s not something you see everyday, which is why it caught the attention of many folks in this Western New York neighborhood. 

A baby screech owl was spotted in the Elmwood Village. 

While one resident was out on a walk earlier this week, they happened to notice this animal quietly hanging out in the grass. 

Take a look at this cute little guy, who seems to have a home in the Elmwood Village. 

Baby Screech Owl found last night in Elmwood Village
byu/drews_mith inBuffalo

Baby screech owls often move from nest to nearby branches before they can fly, and they are pretty common sightings throughout the United States. However, it is still unique to see an owl living in the Elmwood area. 

Adult screech owls weigh about 3 to 8 ounces, and they are usually gray or red. You’ll be able to identify a screech owl by their high pitched screech and an accompanying whistle that walks down the octave scale. 

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Just be careful about getting too close to a screech owl, as they are known for being carriers of diseases. An owl can be a source of infection if handled by a human, so advise caution when it comes to approaching an owl in Western New York. 

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