While some Bills fans are taking shots at Bills kicker Tyler Bass, others are taking a different route to show him support after a devastating loss.

As many people know, the Buffalo Bills lost in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs again to the Kansas City Chiefs.  Now, as the Super Bowl window appears to once again be closing on the Buffalo Bills some fans are pointing the finger at one player while others are doing their best to raise him up.

We've been through this before

"Wide right."  The words send a shiver down the spines of Buffalo Bills fans everywhere.  They're the words that we heard when Bills kicker Scott Norwood attempted a field goal in the Super Bowl that missed by just feet and seem to have cursed us ever since.

Last night, we heard those same words again as our current kicker Tyler Bass attempted a kick that would have tied the score with the Chiefs with just under 2 minutes left in the game.  He missed the kick and we lost, again.

Some fans have made it personal with Bass

Evidently some fans never did get over that kick, or the Music City Miracle, or :13 seconds, or whatever other sad recurring memory comes to mind when you think about the Buffalo Bills and the playoffs.

You could tell that Bass was distraught after missing the kick as he sat on the bench wondering what went wrong.  But some fans have chosen to continue making him feel bad long after the game ended.

Reports came out today that he had to deactivate his social media pages after fans began to bully and berate him online.

Other fans are choosing to show him support

One of the biggest arguments from fans is that "he gets paid millions of dollars just to kick a ball through uprights.  He didn't do it.  He had one job."

It's true.  His job is to score.  But it's also Josh Allen's job to throw the ball.  It's Diggs' job to catch the ball.  Everyone has a job to do and they don't always get it right.  The only difference is that kickers get very few opportunities and are expected to be perfect every time.

It makes sense that people are angry.  But it doesn't make sense that they're going to put all the blame on Bass and be angry at him.

Others see it that way too.  So they're doing what they can to support him as Bills Mafia often do.  They're making donations to a charity in his name.

Ten Lives Club is receiving donations in Tyler Bass' name

Today when the announcement came out, a few people began to ask what charity is close to Bass so they could show him support and according to Ten Lives Club, that's just what has happened.


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