Buffalo has a real problem. It's a problem that is breaking hearts and tearing families apart every single day.  The problem is heroin and it's only getting bigger.  The statistics are shocking.  Every day we hear of a new overdose or read about a life that was taken all too soon because of the deadly drug.

Honestly, how many people in Western New York can say they know someone (whether they're a friend, family member or acquaintance) who has either lost their life, or had a close scare due to a heroin overdose?

Too many.

It's easy to step back and say, "Heroin...my kids wouldn't do that.  Or, that won't affect me," but this is something that is hitting home with everyone.  There isn't a geographic or economic barrier to the epidemic.  It is taking people from all areas and walks of life

This report was done in West Virginia but it applies all over the country.  Heroin overdoses are scary.  And it's illustrated in this video as an EMT wears a body cam to show exactly what they see when they're called to the scene of an overdose.