Got Drugs?
As the Tweet asks..."got drugs?"  The Amherst Police is announcing a prescription drug collection that is taking place this Saturday.
Addiction Hotline
People struggle with addiction every day.  According to The Buffalo News, more than 200 people have already died of opioid and heroin overdoses this year in Erie County alone.  But now, they don't have to struggle alone.
An EMT's Perspective
Buffalo has a real problem. It's a problem that is breaking hearts and tearing families apart every single day.  The problem is heroin and it's only getting bigger.  The statistics are shocking.  Every day we hear of a new overdose or read about a life that was taken all too…
Horrible White Lie
He's a second grader and the assignment is to write about what you want to be when you grow up. Unsurprisingly, he wanted to do EXACTLY what his parents do--they're farmers. They plant "special medicine that can cure anything at all...
WNY Heroin Problem
Alone, 23 people have died in the past two weeks.
It's no surprise that Buffalo has a major opioid problem right now around town. It's a problem that Erie County officials have been trying to seriously combat for some years now and unfortunately, the epidemic is becoming more and more wides…
Medical Marijuana Begins
Twenty three states in America have now legalized medical marijuana, but New York State, by far, has the tightest restrictions. Over the past couple of years since the legislation started, the act will roll out starting this week. New York's new medical marijuana program is expected to launch t…

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