UPDATE, 6/12, 5 p.m.: Listen to the WYRK Breakfast Club tomorrow morning (Wednesday, June 13) at 8:20 a.m. for an official announcement regarding the details of Eric Church's Taste Of Country makeup show.


We hope you hung on to your tickets, Taste Of Country concert-goers, because Eric Church is coming back to town to do a show for all of you!

“We’re coming back, and we’re coming back soon," Church said in an on-air interview on Monday morning, June 4, with the WYRK Breakfast Club.

After high winds and dangerous conditions forced the cancellation of Church's set at Taste Of Country 2012 on Friday night, June 1, the country star and his management spent the weekend working out the details of a makeup date.

"We worked late into the night last night – like a lot of people, working on the weekend, just trying to get it done," Church said. "[We're] just trying to make sure we can do the right thing by everybody."

Church said he was disappointed that he couldn't perform, but safety -- his, his crew's, and the fans' -- comes first.

"Buffalo means a lot to me, and the city means a lot to me....We had fans that traveled to get there, and we had fans that counted on us," he said. "We were sitting on go, we were ready, [but] the decision was made that it was unsafe....It’s not how we wanted to go out. We wanted to play the show, so we’re going to come back and do it."

Church also said that he didn't want to begin his show, only to have to cut the performance short due to time constraints or the worsening weather.

"You don’t want to start a show like that if you’re going to get halfway through a song, or two songs in, and have to shut it down. It’s just not the way I wanted to go out there and do the show," he said. "And then the other part of it was where we were getting to a time situation, where people were pushing me to severly shorten the show, and I didn't think that was fair either."

The decision to not play had nothing to do with anything but weather, Church said, putting to rest rumors that anything but the weather and everyone's safety played a factor in the cancellation.

"No, no, no. None of those things. We were ready to go...[and] it was fine from a rain standpoint. That was never a concern. It was the wind," he said. "I didn't come all the way there to sit on a bus all day, so I’m excited to get up there and re-do the show."

Stay tuned to WYRK and WYRK.com for official details on the reschedule show as they become available. If you missed Church's interview on air, the full audio is below.