Eric Church has been on twitter as of late, sharing some thoughts and stories about different songs on his "Desperate Man" album. The posts are from an interview that he did recently and in his latest, he talks about how the song 'Solid' is really a reflection of himself in a lot of ways.

Eric definitely does things his way. Growing up in North Carolina, that's where he started playing guitar and writing songs. As a senior in high school, Eric was playing in his hometown local bar. He later went to college and graduated with a business degree before deciding to move to Nashville. Church went to Nashville to be a songwriter, and wasn't even thinking about being a solo artist...but, he recorded his own demos. And that got the attention of the record labels. In 2006, Eric famously (or infamously, depending on how you look at it) joined Rascal Flatts as their opening act but got replaced by a (then) newcomer - Taylor Swift - after refusing to follow some rules. Doing things his way is the only way Eric wants to do them. And who can blame him?

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