Even though New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has not added New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut to the state's travel restricted list, Erie County has.

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According to an email I received this morning from my son's school, the county is advising families that traveled to these three states to self-quarantine just as if the states were on New York State's travel list.

The Erie County Health Department notified the District this morning that families that travel to these states for more than 24 hours will be subject to the quarantine provision just as if they would travel to any of the other states on NY's restricted travel list. Therefore, students and staff that travel to Pennsylvania, Connecticut or New Jersey will be subject to quarantine effective immediately. The quarantine period will start on the date of return to New York State and shall last for 14 calendar days afterwards.

I know that a lot of families have traveled to these states for travel-related sports and vacation spots.

The quarantine period should be 14 days after you return from your travels.


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