Let's be honest...if we saw 100 people at the fair this year, it would have been an increase from last year.  So to see the numbers where they were was a bonus.

That's what Jessica Underberg, the Erie County Fair manager, and CEO is calling attendance at the fair this year.  According to WIVB, organizers are calling it "bonus days."  After last year, they were just able to get back to having a fair at all.

"The 2021 Fair provided our partners with the opportunity to return to work and generate revenue. More importantly, our community was able to enjoy and experience all the sights and sounds that were so sadly missed in 2020.”

I have to admit, it was nice to walk around the fair this year.  It was obvious that they were doing what they could to keep people spaced out the best they could.  The aisles in many of the buildings were wider, there seemed to be more room in the concourses, and it just felt a little more open than ever before.

It did kind of feel like there were fewer vendors (especially for food) but we didn't have a shortage of anything.  We were still able to get everything fried, just the way we like it.

So how many tickets were sold this year?  The official number is, 981,264 people.  it's a 14% decrease from the average over the last 5 years, but again to get that many people out when so many festivals were cancelled again this year feels like a huge win.

More numbers from the fair (According to WIVB)

Fair ComponentsTotal
Combined gross sales of 4-H and FFA market animal auctions, a 10% increase from 2019318,151
Total premiums paid91,966
Donations collected for local charities (reported to date)44,460
Number of competitive exhibits entries including 4-H entries10,159
Number of scheduled volunteer hours covered by Friends of the Fair2,700
Number of livestock at the Fair (excluding Horse Show & 4-H)1,406
Menu items available at Fair concessionaires505
Number of free grounds act performances during 12 days of Fair483
Pounds of produce donated to FeedMore WNY from the entries that remained at the Ag-Grange Building335
Number of Friends of the Fair Volunteers/Coordinators135
Number of rides, games & concessions on the Strates Shows Midway167
Number of local bands and community performance acts during the Fair113
Number of years with the James E. Strates Shows96
Chickens and turkeys from the livestock auctions donated to FeedMore WNY from the 4-H Auction62
Members of the Erie County Fair Marching Band sponsored by Pepsi56



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