Supporting your local restaurants is one of the most important things someone can do.

Here in Western New York, the local restaurant scene is one of the cornerstones of the community. We love our hometown food in Buffalo and love supporting the variety of businesses that serve up amazing food.

Chicken wings, beef on weck and pizza are the most well-known foods in Buffalo but burger places are also plentiful.

It's a simple and popular dish but only a few do it justice in Western New York. One of those places is StackBurger.

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StackBurger is located in Lackawanna, along Abbott Road. It's close to the Orchard Park and West Seneca border.

The best description to me is that they're very much like a local version of Five Guys. Incredible single and double burgers, creative creations and amazing fries. They have garnered more and more attention as the last few years have gone by.

If you were planning on going to StackBurger today, just be aware that they will close at 3 pm.

The reason is awesome.

They will close early so their family can enjoy time at the Erie County Fair together.

Places like StackBurger are open seven days a week and the people who run these restaurants don't have time to enjoy time like most people do. The food service industry is a 7-day a week, 24-7 type of occupation.

This is a great reason to close early. Enjoying time with family and the Erie County Fair is only around for 12 days a year.

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