Tickets for the Erie County Fair went on sale this past Friday and along with your chance to buy tickets to enjoy the fair, the Erie County Fair is also offering All Day Ride passed for weekdays.

Growing up in West Seneca, one of my favorite things to do at the Erie County Fair was to hop on all the rides. From the Tilt-A-Whirl to the mini-rollercoaster spending hours at a time riding the ride with my friends was an amazing memory.

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Now you and your kids can enjoy that same feeling I had every year at the Erie County Fair this summer with their ride all-day weekday passes.

Right now on the Erie County Fair's website, you can buy all-day ride passes for $30. When you buy the pass it is good for one weekday. Meaning you can ride the rides all you want for that day. If you don't want to buy the pass online, it will also be available for sale in person at the Strates Shows Midway.

This year the Erie County Fair runs from August 10th until the 21st. Along with the Midway rides, the Fair will also have concerts, demolition derbies, exhibits, food, and more.

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