One of the best parts of going to the Erie County fair for me when I was a kid was riding on all the cool rides. From the Tilt-a-whirl to the bumper cars, to the mini-roller coaster I was a ride fan from an early age.

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If you plan on taking your family to the fair this year, they are now offering weekday all-day ride passes for one price. You can get a $30 wristband and while you are at the fair you can ride as many rides as many times as you like. This would have been like being in Fair Heaven for me as a kid.

According to the Erie County Fair's press release, Strates Shows, who operates the rides and has been doing so at the fair for over 90 years, will be offering  the Weekday One Price Ride Days (Monday through Friday) at the midway at the Fair or you can buy the pass online at the Erie County Fair's website HERE

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the fair as well. This year, the tradition of all the Strates Shows ride arriving at the fair via train has to be canceled. The operators of the rides didn't have enough time to re-work their schedule after New York State allowed the fair to operate this Summer so the rides will be brought in using trucks.

So while you can't experience the train event, you can still enjoy all the rides at the fair this year from August 11th thru the 22nd.

Also because of COVID-19, you will have to purchase your Fair tickets online. No tickets will be sold at the gates or local store. You can buy your tickets HERE

The rides are not the only attraction at the Fair. They will have plenty of live concerts and my personal favorite the demolition derby.


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