The debate over whether or not to get an all electric vehicle is happening in many homes in the United States! But before you make the final decision, beware that some towns in New York State are now requiring you to get a permit for that charger that you will need at home.

The last major snowstorms and blizzard that we had in Western New York and Buffalo had many people wondering if it is a good idea to own an EV. When the power is out or the snow is six feet deep, can you rely on an electric powered car or truck?

New York State is on the move with it's push to remove gas power from the state. Whether it is at home or on the road, over time, you will be required to switch to all electric power.

According to a report filed by the East Aurora Advertiser this month, a $25 fee is coming.

The Wales Town Board recently approved a request from Building Inspector Wally Raichel to begin charging residents $25 to install outlets for charging stations.

New York State appears to be aware of the costs that are involved with charging electric vehicles. This past spring, the New York State DEC Tweeted about the possible incentives and grants that may be available.

If you purchase an electric vehicle and can't get home to charge, within the next decade, there may be more options at stores to get the battery back up to full.

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