What a great idea that Depew has come up with to get the students involved physically.!It's not exactly the easiest thing to do: Phys Ed while virtual.

So, they came up with this simple, yet GENIUS IDEA. Every single kid in the Depew school district is getting a yoga mat and will be doing a yoga curriculum! That is a total of 1,875 yoga mats. The cost was mostly covered by a grant and then the Phys Ed department just adjusted some budgeting to make sure each kids brought one home so that nobody ever had to share.

If you have ever done yoga before, you know why this is such a great idea for the kids: it's great to wake you up, it's relaxing, especially in the time that we are in, it releases some endorphins and it's really good for you physically. If you've done it before, you know: it's not exactly easy sometimes!

Phys ed is such an in-person activity at school, and it's something we needed them to be here for, but when that couldn't happen we needed to be creative in our ways to get them active and moving at home," said high school physical education teacher, Erik Petersen", according to WGRZ.

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