VIDEOS: Big Fire On Broadway in the Lancaster-Depew Area
There was quite the fire over in the Depew Lancaster area on Monday afternoon. The fire, which erupted right before 4pm was located at 4880 Broadway in Depew.
The fire departments responded and controlled the situation, but big damage to the structure and roof at the location...
Look What Depew Is Doing Instead Of Forehead Temperature Scanning
Just about everyone will be back to school in Western New York this week and as you know, many are taking very cautious measures to keep everyone safe in addition to keeping up with state and local COVID-19 protocols.
You may have seen the forehead scanner in some places--restaurants, your office, sc…
Bear Spotted This Morning in Cheektowaga Neighborhood
This morning there was a bear in a neighborhood in the Cheektowaga, Depew area that has everyone talking!
There was one spotted in the nighborhood by the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. It was spotted on Surfside Parkway, which is in a neighborhood off of Dick Road between Genesee an…

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