What an interesting coincidence.

Seven years ago, Buffalo was hit with one of the most monumental and memorable snowstorms in Western New York history. People were stuck in cars, people were stranded and there was so much damage to the surrounding areas with the 6 to 7 feet of snow that fell in one swoop. It was called Snow

There was a Sabres game that was happening on the first night of the Snowvember. It was a Tuesday night game and Patrick Kaleta called into work. Literally, called coach Ted Nolan and told him he could not walk out to the car because there was too much snow.

That first night of the Snowvember storm the Sabres were playing the San Jose Sharks in Buffalo.

Ironically, tonight as we sit here and wait for the biggest storm of the year so far, the Buffalo Sabres are hosting, again the San Jose Sharks.

The night in 2014, when so many people were stuck or stranded, the Buffalo Sabres offered the fans a ticket exchange, where if they could not make it to that game they had certain other games that they were offering them. Now, I get that today's snowstorm is only going to be 2 feet, or maybe not even, but how it is ironic that when the storms do happen, San Jose is coming into Buffalo from their beautiful mid-80 degree weather into the classic Western New York weather.

We were joking this morning on Clay and Company that when you go out of town and you meet someone, you tell them you are from Buffalo and they usually will bring up 2 subjects: The Bills.......and the weather.

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