If you are doing any fishing in Western New York there is a new lure that needs to be in your tackle box.

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I was looking Facebook marketplace when I came across a fishing lure that every fisherman in Western New York needs to own.

Buffalo is known as the birthplace of the chicken wing. We all know the story about how Teressa Bellissimo invented the wing after her son and his friends stopped into the Anchor Bar restaurant which she owned with her husband Frank. Her son and his friends wanted a late-night snack, so Teressa took some of the wings she had leftover, fried them up, and coated them in some hot sauce and the rest is history.

So, if you are from Buffalo and you are doing some fishing, wouldn't it make sense to have a chicken wing lure? Of course, it would, and now you can own a drumstick, a flat, or one of each. They look like they come in Hot or Mild sauce based on the colors.

I found that someone in East Aurora is selling chicken wing shaped fishing lures. These lures are for sale on Facebook marketplace and will cost you $15 apiece. According to the post, these lures are 2.5inches by 1 inch, which is about the same size as a frog lure and they float on top of the water.

I'm not sure if fish are big wing lovers like we are, but chances there have been enough Blue cheese spilled into the lake and creeks throughout Western New York, that the Fish wouldn't pass on a chance to down a wing coated in Frank's Hot Sauce.

Check out the lure below.

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

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