When you're trying to draw up your dream home, what would it include?

For many people, it would likely include a lot of space. You want enough room for your significant other and family. You may also want a big enough kitchen to conduct any dinner party you want.

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What about having your own personal game room?

For me, I would absolutely want a refurnished basement that includes plenty of space, TV, appliances and even a full bar that I can use when friends come over.

This home for sale in Clarence is that kind of dream home.

Listed on Zillow for just under $1 million, this home in Clarence has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. 4,000 square feet in space with a back patio fireplace that looks perfect for the spring and fall.

The inside has a gorgeous kitchen with a huge island and a gigantic master bedroom. It's the basement though that is the highlight of the home.

The basement is fully furnished with a ton of room and recliners. It also has a pool table and a full bar that is definitely something I would be utilizing often.

It just went on the market and I'm thinking it won't be there for long. Check out some photos below, courtesy of Zillow.

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