It was a featured story on Good Morning America on Tuesday.  A number of national radio sports talk shows have discussed it.  All of it centers on a Detroit Lions fan use of a laser pointer during the Lions game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at Ford Field in Detroit.

Some of the Bills players complained that the laser was being pointed into their eyes during the game.  Kicker Dan Carpenter complained to the referee that the laser was a factor in his miss of a 50-yard field goal attempt.  Quarterback Kyle Orton said the laser distracted him during the game.  Coach Doug Marrone mentioned it in his post-game press conference.

Marko Beslach, the guy who did it was stupid enough to admit it in a couple of tweets which have since been deleted and his account closed.

The NFL is investigating the case.  Security at Ford Field say they'll be alert to it at future games.  There's even been talk of possible criminal charges that could be placed.

There's even a Facebook page that's been created, NFL Ban Marko Beslach urging the NFL to ban Marko Baslach from any future games.  In a short time it received nearly 2,000 Likes.  And the comments directed at the guy are brutal.  He deserves it.