You’ve got to admit - New York State is one of the best places in the country to see some beautiful fall foliage. 

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The gorgeous bright red, orange and yellow leaves covering New York state trees are reason enough to get out of your house this weekend and go for a drive.

We don’t have many weeks left to enjoy the pretty fall scenery before the weather turns frosty and the leaves start littering our lawns. In fact, lots of trees have already shed their leaves for the year. It’s easy to get sad when we start to see bare trees because it means winter is officially on its way.

However, another reason to get wary about the falling leaves this time of year is the hazardous conditions they can create on roadways across New York state.

Why Falling Leaves Are Dangerous For NYS Drivers

When leaves fall from the trees and accumulate on the ground, they can cover the pavement and sidewalks, making it hard for drivers to see important traffic indicators like turning lanes and crosswalks, along with dangerous obstacles you’d want to avoid, like potholes.

In addition, wet leaves covering the roadway can make for some highly slippery conditions. Driving on wet leaves is equivalent to traveling on icy roads, and when you factor in high speeds and slamming brakes, it can make for some very scary situations like skidding.

If you’re traveling on a roadway this fall covered in wet leaves, the National Highway Safety Administration recommends that you slow down your speed, don’t slam on your breaks, maintain a healthy distance from the driver in front of you in case they start to skid, clean any and all leaves off of your car before traveling, and replace your tires if they have poor tread. 

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