The football world is waiting and watching to see what will happen after the arrest of Buffalo Bills linebacker, Von Miller this week. The news broke on Thursday morning and has captured the attention of fans from Buffalo to Dallas.

After the news about Miller turning himself in was reported, a late report was also filed on Thursday night by both NBS Sports and one of the original sources of the news about the warrant for Miller. WFAA was one of the first outlets to provide the news about the alleged assault and now has offered information that may change some things.

Von Miller was released on $5,000 bond after turning himself in and being processed in Texas. What happens next will be interesting as this is a new development in the case that has some wondering what really happened and what are the actual claims?

As of early Friday, other outlets were reporting that the alleged victim is now "downplaying" what actually happened. This case is very much fluid and still developing as we wait to see what law enforcement officials and representatives for both sides have to report.

The Buffalo News and New York Post have also provided this information.

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