It was quite the scary situation for this family that is now on a mission to cause awareness to anyone that might have a memory foam mattress, so it doesn't happen to any other family.

David and Lindsay Jones' 19-month-old daughter, Delaney went missing. David put her to sleep for a nap in her room, went to go work in the garage and when Lindsay came home from the store, she noticed Delaney was missing.

They frantically searched all over the house before the knocked on neighbors doors, put it on Facebook and called the police for help. The plea for help on Facebook garnished over 10,000 shares in minutes. The community was watching and when one emergency responder came to the scene, he offered an idea that was the answer according to WKBW:

He had just arrived on the scene, and the first thing he said was, 'have you checked around for her favorite toy, and have you checked where your favorite toy was?' " David said. He instantly remembered seeing it in their bed. When they pulled back the covers, they found Delaney, facedown in the couple's memory foam mattress underneath covers and their heavy duvet. Lindsay and David say the room had been cleared dozens of times by searchers, but Delaney had sunk so far into the memory foam that the bed looked totally flat. The toddler could not call for help and was stuck.

She was completely sweaty, but she is okay and they were, as you can imagine, so relieved. But, now they are on a mission to raise awareness for any other couples with memory foam mattresses to avoid this problem.

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