So, when the rest of the civilized world thinks about Buffalo, New York, what do you think comes to mind?  Well, there are obvious choices.  Chicken Wings, for starters, or as everyone else calls them, “Buffalo Wings”.  Hell, to everyone outside of Western New York, they bear the name of our beloved city.  The tasty treat is rumored to have originated here in the Queen City back in 1964, although there are several stories of its incarnation that can be found on the interwebs.

Other than that, we can lay claim to The Buffalo Bills four straight Super Bowl appearances, which is a sports record that doesn’t get enough chatter about possibly never being broken.  Imagine a team getting to five straight Super Bowls in the era of Free Agency?  Ain’t gonna happen.

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But I told you that we here in Buffalo are “World Famous” for something other than wings.  Just what is it?  SPONGE CANDY!

History says the tasty treat originated here in Buffalo, almost a quarter of a century before the Buffalo Wing.  And the world has apparently taken notice.

According to the website Smart Traveler, Buffalo’s:

"lesser-known claim to fame is as the 'sponge candy capital of the world.' Wrapped in milk, dark, or orange-infused chocolate, they come in cool variations like peanut butter, peppermint, coffee, and Kahlua."

They go on to say, that the candy produced here in Western New York, is on a world-class level with the chocolates produced in Zurich and HersheyPennsylvania.  And that we have candy stores that are among the world’s best in Dubai and Copenhagen.  Go us!

So, when September 21st rolls around, don't forget to celebrate national Sponge Candy Day!

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