We asked Western New Yorkers where they believe the fastest DMV is, and they answered overwhelmingly for one.

Going to the DMV isn't something many look forward to. The general stigma is the lines can be long, and it's just not a good experience. 

Times have changed, though. While it's certainly not the place you may love going, you can make appointments online, many have fast walk-in service now, and the overall process is MUCH better than it was long ago. Plus, you can do most things online through the DMV portal and save yourself the trip.

Still, if you need (or prefer to) go to the DMV here in WNY, it's always good to know where the fastest is. Now, to be clear, this is all opinion based on a Reddit Poll so take that for what you will. People in WNY are savvy though and they love to share information. According to people on Reddit, there is one office that is overwhelmingly considered the fastest:  the DMV in Albion.

One respondent said,

“No appointment needed. They don't care if you don't live in Orleans County.”

Many point out that there's usually never a line at this location, and it would make for a nice country drive, too!

The Orleans County Department of Motor Vehicles is located at 14016 NY-31 #1 in Albion, NY. They are typically open 9 AM - 3:30 PM with the exception of Saturday and Sunday. 

If you’re in a time crunch, the drive may be worth it! Either way, make sure you check out their online portal. Seriously, it's very useful: https://dmv.ny.gov/ 

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