After declaring bankruptcy in February and submitting a reorganization plan that would close a number of under-performing stores, Tops Markets got some positive news this week when it was revealed the chain actually jumped four spots in the Progressive Grocer Top 50 List.  Tops went from #32 to #28 based on $2.862 billion in fiscal year sales.

Tops was listed as having 169 stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont and 12,370 full time employees.

Rochester-based Wegman's also moved up the list from #15 to #13 with $6.565 billion in sales.  Wegman's has 95 stores in a growing footprint stretching from New York and as far south as Virginia and east to Massachusetts.  The Progressive Grocers list showed Wegman's with 21,608 employees.

Other stores on the list with locations in Western New York included Whole Foods at #7, Aldi's at #8, Trader Joe's at #10, Target at #12 and Save-A-Lot at #29.

But far and away the Number One grocer in the country with double the annual sales of the next best grocery chain was Walmart.  With 4,248 stores and over 1.3 million employees, Walmart showed fiscal sales of $159.809 billion.

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