Fisher-Price has a lot of awesome toys for kids but an upcoming toy is starting to make waves. At CES the announced a newer version of their Smart Cycle. With growing technology it's amazing how the play of children has changed since the days before computers. Now instead of waiting for cartoons on saturday morning, children are watching their favorite shows on iPads practically anywhere. This makes it difficult sometime to keep your kids active with some many easy distractions.

The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle is going to keep your youngsters active while they're attached to their smart devices. The older version directly plugged into your television through RCA cables but this version is equipped with Bluetooth technology and will work with apps on Apple TV, Android TV and tablets. The game apps are controlled by the speed on your kid's peddling which in some cases helps them move through the levels. There will also be a dashboard available to parents through the apps so they can monitor their activity and see which subject they have been active in. The Smart Cycle is designed for children from ages 3-6 and is set to be available this fall. And according to, it will run for around $150 and the apps will be $5 each.

What do you think? Do you think anyone's child from WNY will be on the packaging?!?


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