Many people confuse two very important holidays that although are similar, are very much different. The fall is here and when November rolls around, it is time to honor those who have served this country with bravery and valor.

Veterans Day is here in New York State and yes, we are saluting those who chose to wear the uniform and fight for our freedom. Memorial Day is a more somber day that we observe in May and is dedicated to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives while serving our great nation.

While there are parades and tributes for both days, Veterans Day also offers discounts and "freebies" to the men and women who are veterans. But perhaps there are things that should be standard "freebies" for our veterans.

Here in New York State, Governor Hochul announced that Friday, November 11th, will be a day when veterans can fish for free!

This free fishing day will provide a great opportunity for our brave individuals who have served to protect our democracy and our freedoms to enjoy one of New York State’s many world-class fishing locations.

But why not make it possible for those who we honor for their service to fish for free all year round? It seems as though they have earned it. Sure, New York offers discounts and a chance to hunt and fish for free IF you qualify. But once your service is complete, the least we can do is allow you to have a lifetime of fishing at no cost.

Honestly, it seems we can go much further to assist and honor veterans here in New York State. It may look good to have a few handouts here and there but when you see homeless and hungry vets on streets in New York or veterans in need of warm clothing and jobs, it seems a little out of touch to offer 24 hours of free fishing.

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