Having a child with any disability is tough to deal with, but when you have a child with Autism, it can really be difficult because the Autism spectrum is extremely wide, meaning that there are children and adults with different levels of ability. There are children that are very high functioning Autistic people, and they don't really require a lot of assistance at all, they are very independent, in some cases, you wouldn't even know that they had a disability. Then there are children that are very low functioning, and they require a personal aide to assist them throughout the day. Although most parents that have children with Autism are extremely patient, and really don't have a problem talking with you or answering your questions, there are still some questions you should not ask a parent with an Autistic child.

Why Is Your Child Covering Their Ears?

This questioned probably annoys parents because when a child with Autism is covering their ears, it's usually for a couple of reasons, the first is, they do it for comfort, it's not always because it's loud where they are, it's because that's their way of keeping to their selves when in public.

Do You Need Help?

Never ever ask a parent do they need help with their Autistic child, especially a woman. Well, I should say, my wife, sometimes children with Autism act out in public for whatever reason, trust me, that parent has it under control in most cases, they appreciate your concern, but you will probably only make matters worst.

Why Is Your Child Not Saying Anything?

The flat-out answer to this question is if this child with Autism could talk they would, and will probably tell you something you wouldn't want to hear if you kept asking dumb questions.

Will Your Child Ever Be Independent?

That is the goal of every parent that has a child that is Autistic, the real answer is, most parents will never know until that time comes.

Your Child Is Probably Real Smart Right?

I think people that ask this question get that stereotype from the movie "Rainman", again there are different spectrums of Autism, and although every autistic child is very good at something, in most cases whatever ever that special talent or something is in that child, it needs to be channeled, and brought out.

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