Grills seem like a pretty simple concept. You have meat. You need to cook the meat, so you put it over a flame to cook it.

However, despite the fact that they've been around for ages, people still seem to still find a way to mess it up. Here are some rules you should never break by the barbeque.

1. Put the lighter fluid on the charcoal, then light it. You shouldn't add lighter fluid once you've already put a match to the charcoal. Here's why:

2. Put the meat over the fire...not in it. When meat cooks, sometimes it drips fat, which makes the flames bigger. Enjoy your barbeque, and turn the heat down a bit. It will give you more time to hang out by the grill, and the meat will be juicier.

3. Avoid any loose clothing over or by the flames.

4. A squirt bottle full of water helps to keep the flames from getting out of control. Screaming and running around will not.

5. Fireworks do NOT work well to start the charcoal.

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