Did you remember to set your clock ahead this weekend? As the days get longer, we lost and hour of sleep. But there are a few other things you should try to do after you move your clocks ahead an hour!

It seems that we only think about some of these when we fall back in autumn. But the experts will tell you that every 6 months is a good idea for these actions.



  • 1

    Change Smoke Detector Batteries

    This is not only a good idea, it may save your life! Fresh batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors is a must!

  • 2

    Rotate Clothing

    It may be cold, but now is the time to think about moving the summer clothing back in to rotation and maybe consider donating some things to Goodwill.

  • 3

    Schedule Summer Maintenance

    Have an air conditioner or pool? Now is a good time to get on a schedule for a tune up or to have your pool opened or chemicals ordered.

  • 4

    Rotate Your Mattress

    When was the last time you did this? It may not only extend the life of the mattress, it may help you sleep! Don't forget the kid's beds!

  • 5

    Sign Up For Sports + Camps

    If you haven't gotten the reminder to sign your son or daughter up for camp or sports, this may be a good time to think about it. If a road trip is in the plans, this may be a good time to book a hotel or travel itinerary.

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