I just moved here a year ago, but within a month I learned a few things about what NOT to say or do in this great place. Here are FIVE things that will immediately tick off someone from Western New York!

  • Credit: Keith Binns, ThinkStock
    Credit: Keith Binns, ThinkStock

    "Oh, you're from New York? How close are you to New York City??"

    There really is a lot to New York State besides New York City.  Western and Upstate New York offer everything--hiking, climbing, cities, shopping, better cost of living--life is good "up here."

  • Credit: Joe Belanger, ThinkStock
    Credit: Joe Belanger, ThinkStock

    Eat Wings with Ranch Dressing

    Everyone knows that real chicken wings originated in Buffalo, but NOT everyone knows how to eat them properly. I've run into way too many people who eat wings with ranch and not blue cheese--blasphemy!

  • Credit: Steve Mason, ThinkStock
    Credit: Steve Mason, ThinkStock

    "Buffalo, huh? So you guys get a lot of snow?"

    Yes, it snows. Yes, we're aware. When it's not snowing though, WNY (and Buffalo in particular) is absolutely wonderful. From gorgeous fall foliage to warm and busy summers, we are so, so much more than snow.

  • Credit: Thomas Northcut, ThinkStock
    Credit: Thomas Northcut, ThinkStock

    Mention "Wide Right"

    Go ahead, I dare ya. Walk into any bar in Buffalo and yell the words "wide right." You'll get a wing-bone chucked at your head--and you deserve it, you jerk!

  • Credit: monkeybusinessimages, ThinkStock
    Credit: monkeybusinessimages, ThinkStock

    "Why don't we just go to Applebee's?"

    There are literally too many great restaurants to count. Any suggestion that you eat at an Applebee's, or Olive Garden, or--God forbid--Buffalo Wild Wings will (and should) be met with complete scorn. Get some real food while you're here, people!

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