How is it possible the 20 years has passed since the attacks on September 11 of 2001? Not a single person who is alive that day could forget the terror as we watched people literally jumping for their lives from buildings and a world being torn apart in front of us.

20 years later, we are still dealing with some of the effects of that day around the United States and internationally. But one thing must never happen, we must never forget the lives that were lost that day.

There is a special ceremony coming up this weekend on Saturday to remember those who died in the attacks on September 11th and those who fought to defend us in the years following. You and your family are invited to gather with the Buffalo community as flags will be flown in remembrance of the fallen heroes and victims of the attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001.

MediaNews Group via Getty Images
MediaNews Group via Getty Images

Saturday, September 11th 8:30 –10:15AM

Location: The Scajaquada pedestrian bridge, which crosses over to Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park (Rte 198 overpass)

It was so hard to believe as we were watching the events unfold live on TV that morning. WYRK was doing a live broadcast at a car dealership and happen to be watching television at the time of the attacks. I remember thinking to myself "why didn’t that plane, or the pilot flying the plane, see the building in front of them"? As I recall, it was a perfectly clear and sunny morning in New York City and could not understand what was going on at that moment. After the second plane hit the tower- it was clear the United States was under some sort of attack.

I remember how everyone came together in those days following the attacks and how just about everyone had their American flag flying from their home, business and just about everywhere you could find a flag pole. This weekend‘s remembrance that will take place on the Scajaquada overpass  will be a powerful reminder of how we should continue to stick together as a nation.

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