Thousands of flights are being canceled across the country thanks to impending winter storms making their way to the east coast. Add on top of that the onslaught of travelers headed out of town to visit family for the holidays, and it looks like our airports could potentially be a big ol’ hectic mess.  

If you’re flying out of Buffalo, New York to visit friends and family for the holiday, how do you know it’ll go smoothly?

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Hundreds of flights have already been delayed or canceled this holiday season (with more expected to come) due to staffing shortages and unexpected bad weather. No matter how prepared you might be (consistently checking your airline’s app, obsessively checking the weather report, and getting “just-in-case” travelers insurance), sometimes, the inevitable happens, and you find yourself waiting around for hours in the Buffalo-Niagara Airport due to circumstances out of your control.

This holiday season, if you find your flight out of Buffalo, New York canceled or delayed while you’re already at the airport, here’s what to do.


Get In Line

Don’t waste any time. Immediately get in line to talk to an agent. The lines are going to be long and will only get longer the more time you waste putting it off. 

Get On The Phone

While you’re in line, log on to your airline's app. Many airlines offer the option to change or reschedule your outgoing flight right on the app. If your airline doesn't have that option, call them instead and ask to speak to an airline representative. 

Get A Grip

Thousands of people across the country will be in the same predicament you are this weekend. Remember: This is NOT the airline staff’s fault. Ever since the pandemic, airlines are more short-staffed than ever due to layoffs and early retirement. Many airlines are actively trying to address the issue by scheduling more flights, making an effort to recruit more employees, and bettering working conditions for existing staff, but these initiatives take time. Be patient, and be kind. Keep calm, and travel (safely) on. 

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