From Buffalo to Albany to New York City, spring is in the air! What are your plans? Are you taking a road trip or just relaxing at home? It seems more and more people are taking some sort of vacation these days as we live in the post-pandemic world. It sure feels good to get back to some sort of normal.


As a father of three kids and one on the way, I have tried to find that sweet spot when we travel. The trips can't be too long. Yet, you want to go someplace different and preferably warm. Flying was tough. The amount of gear that we had to bring was insane! From car seats to luggage and toys and stuffed animals, it was overwhelming just to pack for a flight.

A train seems cool but it is a long ride with multiple stops to between Buffalo and New York and the kids get very restless at every stop. Road trip is great! However, gas prices and the kids fighting in the backseat are enough to wear any driver down.


Flying is by far the best option of the the three ways to travel to the vacation destination. Even with the piles of stuff that we need to take for the kids, in a couple of (long) hours, you can be in Florida or the Carolinas. It really is the most convenient. There are rumors and reports that the flight schedule to and from New York is changing.


The Federal Aviation Administration is urging airlines

The staffing shortfall and potential schedule cuts in the region highlight the difficulty airlines have faced to ramp up capacity as travel demand returns in the wake of a pandemic lull.

The planning of any trip is key. Get in early and you can save and what's more, you can pick the seats you want for the family. Getting seats closer to the front if you can is the best way to fly and reduce the stress.

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