Want to know a surefire way that a band has arrived? It notches a Billboard cover story. That's what the boys in Florida Georgia Line have done. A nod from the music biz Bible is huge for the duo and in the accompanying feature, they reveal which acts they are taking notes on, their musical motto and more.

The twosome has supported the A-list likes of Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift while on the road, and they truly made the most of the experiences. In addition to converting new fans, they paid close attention to their tourmates.

FLG's Brian Kelley said, "There's a reason they're selling the tickets they are, winning the awards they are. We're out there taking notes, taking it all in, seeing how they're doing it. Every night is just a learning experience. They're great performers, and they've been nothing but amazing to us. We're pumped to be out on the road with 'em."

"Pumped" doesn't even begin to describe what Kelley and his bandmate Tyler Hubbard look like when they take the stage. They give off the vibe that they are having a great time because, well, they are!

"It's a blast, man," Kelley said. "There's nothing better than being up there with your best friend. We've got a great crew and band out here on the road. It's like a bunch of brothers every night, chasing a dream."

Hubbard concurred, opening up about the kinship the duo experienced with the people around them, saying, "We haven't gone through a bunch of players. We've got guys that were with us from day one. We wanted guys that we meshed well with, that were great entertainers, that had their own things going, but also believed in us, believed in our music. It's cool to see this thing grow and build, to see the players believe in us and sacrifice from the beginning."

Another thing they've done, which helped propel them to where they are today, is to play close attention to detail. "Our motto is 'Better is better,'" Kelley said. "Whether it's a word or a guitar note or a line. We've spent three or four days on one line, or two words, and it shows on the record."

That's dedication and it shows.