The price of gas and diesel fuel is still on the rise here in Western New York and around the United States. But it appears, in some cases, that real estate prices may be coming down. In one of the area's most popular towns there is a gorgeous home that would be a skier's paradise that has dropped price significantly.

6414 Plum Creek Rd.

6414 Plum Creek Road in Ellicottville is a beauty and would be the ultimate winter getaway and multi season home! I love the windows and the view from the incredible porch. With 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, this is also ideal for anyone who has a large family or a bunch of friends who love to ski.

There are varying reports about the future price of homes and real estate in Western New York. If you have been trying to purchase a home, it is crazy competitive. Home prices have gotten so out intense that people are paying well over the asking price and, in some cases, with no inspections. We have run out of room in our current home and are weighing the options of moving to a larger home and expanding what we have. But while we toss those ideas around, it may be that prices will start to even out or come down as we are seeing on some houses.

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