What is going to happen for the Oscars opening? After Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting duties at this year's awards show, the producers have been scrambling to find someone, but there's just not enough time to prepare.

So, they will have a selection of A-listers who will introduce various segments and there's going to be WAY more music. Sources say that you will see way more music thanks to 'A Star is Born'.

Hart explained to [Ellen] DeGeneres his reason for not apologizing at first, and defensively said he had been the victim of “a malicious attack on my character.”


“This wasn’t an accident. This wasn’t a coincidence. It wasn’t a coincidence that the day after I received the job, tweets somehow manifested from 2008,” Hart told DeGeneres. “That’s an attack, that’s a malicious attack on my character, that’s an attack to end me, that’s not an attack to just stop the Oscars", according to the Huffington Post.

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