I believe wholeheartedly that pets are family members.  So to me, it doesn't quite seem enough to just dig any old hole to bury them in after they've passed.  They should have a special place to go when they die.

That place can now be Forest Lawn Cemetery.  New York State passed a Pet Burial Law in September 2016 to allow pet owners the opportunity to bury the cremated remains of their dogs, cats, and other pets in not for profit cemeteries that are regulated by the state as long as the cemetery goes along with it.

According to WKBW-TV, Forrest Lawn Cemetery will now be one of the first in New York State to allow it.

At the Forest Lawn Group, we believe that allowing the incident interment of the cremated remains of domestic pets is an important step for us to take,"

Joseph Dispenza - President of the Forest Lawn Group of Cemeteries

There will be fees for the pet burial that will go towards the long-term maintenance of the cemetery.

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