We have all been there when you find yourself rushing out the door, from running late to work to trying to get your kids strapped in the car seat. 

You may feel like you are forgetting something, but you embark on your trip anyway.

Everything is fine for the first few minutes into the car ride, but then you hear a noise. Or see something pour down your windshield.

And then, it hits you: oh my gosh, I LEFT [insert object] ON TOP OF MY CAR!

Perhaps the most common thing left on top of a vehicle in Western New York is a coffee from Tim Horton’s, but one driver in the Newstead-Akron area set something on her roof that was a little more expensive than that. 

An iPad. 


Photo Credit: Facebook Group
Photo Credit: Facebook Group

Erin posted a screenshot from surveillance footage at, what appears to be, her house or a local business, showing the iPad on her car before she drove away. 

I know it’s probably long gone,” Erin wrote on Facebook. “But if anyone happened to find an iPad on the road somewhere on Rapids or Carney Rd. it’s ours. I left it on the roof after putting my daughter in the car seat.”

She tried the Find My iPhone app, thinking that it would pinpoint exactly where the iPad is, but unfortunately it said no location was available. 

To help console Erin on the loss of her iPad, neighbors have been sharing what they have lost after leaving it on the roof of their car.

But there were a few events that had a happy ending, with a “roof rescue.” The best answer by far happened while driving through Cheektowaga. 

Carol from Lancaster shared a story that happened back in 1982. She said, “I left my son’s 1st birthday cake on the roof while getting him in the car … drove down Union rd with people beeping at me for 15 minutes before someone at a red light told me there was a cake on my roof.”

What is the one thing you lost because you set it on your car roof before driving away? Let us know below.

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