We've seen many past Bills and Sabres players get so attached to Buffalo that it becomes their favorite place they've played in their careers, some even making it home after their playing days.

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Few have been more beloved the last 10-20 years in Buffalo sports than former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The current Miami Dolphins quarterback played for the Bills from 2009-2012, and started most of the 2010 season, onward.

After spending 15 years in the NFL, playing for an impressive eight teams, Fitz still has a special place for Buffalo.

Fitzpatrick was a guest on ESPN Insider Adam Schefter's podcast this week and when asked what his favorite NFL city is, Fitzpatrick said "Buffalo."

"I'm gonna get in trouble if I answer that one...'cause my favorite NFL city it's Buffalo, said Fitzpatrick"

You can hear the clip below.

You ask any Bills fan about Ryan Fitzpatrick, they'll say he's one of their favorite former players. It's a shame that Fitz couldn't make the playoffs with Buffalo because he embraced the city when he was here.

Buffalo is also where Fitzpatrick became an NFL starting quarterback. From 2005-2008 he was a backup.

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