You wouldn't think so if you looked at a forecast or walked outside these days, but sooner or later there will be a warm up and there will be hot weather in New York State. What do you have planned for cooling the house or apartment you and your family live in?

The summers seem to be a little hotter and last a littler longer here in the Empire State. In fact, despite the recent cold temperatures, we have had some record high temperatures this April. It is only a matter of time before the place you live in heats up and it gets hard to sleep or is uncomfortable. If you have challenges when it gets hot and need to cool down, New York State has some help coming your way.

Governor Hochul has announced $15 million in funding that will be available through the Home Energy Assistance Program. The program can provide air conditioners to individuals who need them such as folks with a medical condition that's made worse by heat and also homes with young children or older adults.

According to the press release on the Governor's website, there are specific qualificiations:

To qualify for the federally funded program, applicants must meet HEAP eligibility criteria and income thresholds, which vary by household size, and include at least one member of the household that suffers from a medical condition worsened by extreme heat, or is under age 6, or over age 60. For example, a household of four can earn up to $65,829 a year, or $5,485 per month, and still qualify for assistance.

The heat is tough to deal with if you have breathing issues. However, it is even worse if you suffer from allergies. Having an AC unit is good because you can keep the pollen and other allergens out of the house. I suffer from asthma and air conditioning is not only comfortable, it helps me to breath better.

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