There is going to be a free firework show tonight in Hamburg! The Erie County Fair is getting underway and there will be two fireworks performances! The first one will be this afternoon at noon when the gates officially open for the start of the Erie County Fair. The second firework display will be tonight at 9:30 PM. There will actually be fireworks every single day of the Fair at the same time. 

Where do you go to watch the fireworks? Anywhere inside the Fair or you can sit in the car out in the parking lots to watch as well.

The opening day is today, Wednesday, August 11 and the Fair will go all the way through August 22. What time will the Erie County Fair be open? The Erie County Fair is open from 11 in the morning until 11 at night every day except opening day, which has gates opening up at noon!

We go to the fair every year for mandatory deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried tacos, Chiavetta's, check out the 4H barns, and go to a concert or two. Of course, things are a little different because of COVID, but I was getting ready to go visit the Erie County Fair today, I learned few things that I thought were important to pass along. Not only were they important, but they can save you a few bucks, too!

CONCERT UPDATE: Country music legend, Mark Chesnutt had to drop out of performing at the Erie County Fair last week because he needed last minute. He is doing okay, but coming to save the day in place is legendary GRAMMY, CMA and ACM Award-winning country band, Shenandoah! The show will be Monday, August 16 and will be FREE with Fair admission! 

What You Need To Know Before Going To The Erie County Fair

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