2018 Fireworks in WNY List
Where are there fireworks in your town? Here is every town listed out for 2018! Western New York was ranked in the top 10 cities in America for fireworks this year and there is certainly no shortage of them!
Best fireworks we say are always at Jam in the Valley...
Fourth Of July Won't Be The Same In The Falls This Year
The Fourth of July for most consists of cold drinks, steaks on the grill, chillin' with friends, and watching fireworks blast across the sky in an array of colors. Unfortunately,, not everyone in Niagara Falls will get to have all the fun mentioned above...
Gunshot Rumors At Canalside
The fireworks were already delayed downtown at Canalside Monday night by about 40 minutes due to some electrical issues, but another issue came about later in the night.
Toward the end of the firework display, "rumors of shots fired at Canalside sent dozens of people running," accor…
Fireworks Illegal?
Things just got a little more confusing about the legality of fireworks in New York state. You see billboards all over the place advertising big sales on them, but aren't they illegal in NY state? No, they're not illegal – kind of.

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