Fireworks Illegal?
Things just got a little more confusing about the legality of fireworks in New York state. You see billboards all over the place advertising big sales on them, but aren't they illegal in NY state? No, they're not illegal – kind of.
4th Fails
People are simply just dumb sometimes, but it does result in a funny video.
Jam Fireworks
There is one thing that Buffalo, NY always does right -- celebrate America's birthday. This country that our men and women fight and fought for make us proud and to celebrate, we have some of the best firework displays around.
Buy Fireworks In WNY
It may not sound like much, but for the first time ever, you can now buy and sell fireworks in Western New York -- at least in three of the counties.
Cute Little Girl
Fireworks can really be a big distraction to a little kid when they're trying to sleep.  Check out how this dad tries to keep his daughter's mind off of the fireworks.  It may just be the cutest thing you'll see all day.

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