June 15th, 2021 is a monumental day for all of New York State.

Governor Andrew Cuomo officially announced that state-mandated COVID-19 restrictions have been officially lifted in New York State, effective immediately. That means commercial and social settings will return to life as we used to know it before the pandemic.

To help celebrate this occasion, Cuomo also announced that fireworks will happen across New York State tonight. Yes, it's not quite the Fourth of July yet, but Flag Day was yesterday, and reaching 70 percent of adults getting vaccinated is as good a time to celebrate as any since it means these restrictions have been lifted.

There will be a fireworks show in Niagara Falls, NY as part of the statewide fireworks show. It will happen at Niagara Falls State Park.

All of the firework locations celebrate in different parts of New York State. I'm also betting on other people having their own fireworks across the state after this announcement.

The fireworks will take place at 9:15 p.m. this evening.

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Obviously, it's good to know this ahead of time, since it's a school night and if you're a dog owner, it might not be the best of times for your four-legged family member. Something to keep in mind. As much as I love fireworks, my dog always runs into our room and hides in our bed when they take place near our home.

It's a great day, though. Governor Cuomo is still encouraging people to be mindful of the pandemic and to encourage those who have not been vaccinated, to do so.

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