Depending on what college you attend for your desired career path, you could be spending $40,000 or more per year on tuition alone. 

US News recently conducted research about college tuition, showing that as a whole, it has climbed 4% since last year. According to their chart, showing average college tuition & fees at ranked colleges across the country, here is how the tuition costs are broken down:  

  • Private colleges will typically charge an average tuition cost of $42,162.
  • Public, out-of-state colleges will charge about half of private colleges for tuition, still with a hefty price tag of $23,630, on average. 
  • You will find the most affordable tuition at public, in-state schools, which costs about $10,662 on average for tuition. 

It’s not cheap to get an education, but one college in New York state is awarding their students with a gift that is absolutely priceless. 

Ruth Gottesman, a longtime professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, is making students’ dreams come true by offering them free tuition going forward

Gottesman made a very generous donation of $1 billion to the college after inheriting a fortune that came from her late husband, David Gottesman, who was a Wall Street financier, according to the New York Times. It is one of the largest charitable donations to an educational institution in the country, and it helps out the Bronx community, which currently ranks as the unhealthiest county in New York state.  

All current four-year students will have their tuition reimbursed for this spring 2024 semester, and in the fall, Albert Einstein College of Medicine said all students would receive free tuition.  

This generous gift from the Gottesman could be a game changer. Maybe it will motivate others with that kind of fortune to help out those young students that are struggling financially?

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