Free stuff is back up at Dunkin' Donuts. It's a very ironic move considering the announcement that came last week, that over 600 Dunkin' Donuts will be closing in the United States sometime this year. Though, most of those locations, approximately 450 of them are in Speedway convenient stores.

(Marathon, the parent company who owns Speedway just announced that a major deal was closed between them and 7-11 worth over $21 billion).

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So, what is the free stuff that we are getting? 

Mondays - free medium hot or iced coffee (with the purchase of a food item)

Friday - free donut Friday (no purchase necessary)

*Both are limited time only.

In order to cash in on the deals you'll have to be a DD rewards member. Now, I know that you hate signing up for what seems like EVERYTHING. But, it's worth it. Each fast food place has their own app or rewards club and you do get some serious deals.

For instance, at McDonald's on Fridays if you have the app on your phone you get a free medium fry. For doing NOTHING. All these little things add up over time.

Wendy's app? You get free frosty's with a purchase or free Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant with purchases. If you're going to go to these places anyway you may as well just sign up for the rewards or apps!

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