These are awesome!!

Every home game the Buffalo Bills typically give away a freebie, but not as good as this one! Check out what you are going to get at the Buffalo Sabres home opener tonight against the Ottawa Senators.

The first 12,000 fans in the game will get one of these huge Sabres flags. Check out what it looks like in the tweet below.

Buffalo Sabres head coach Don Granato signed a big contract yesterday that will keep him in Western New York for the next two seasons. He will be making just about 2 million dollars a year without bonuses.

EXTRA: Have you ever wondered about how old some of the most famous mascots in Buffalo are? Who is the oldest? Check out the list below.

  • Canisius Petey - 20 Years Old
  • Billy Buffalo - 22 Years Old
  • Victor E. Bull - 25 Years Old
  • Chip - UNCLEAR, but he was born in the 90s
  • Sabretooth - 35 years old
  • Buster Bison - 40 years old

Can you believe that Buster Bison is turning 40 next year!

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