When’s the last time you had a sugary treat like Pop Rocks, Pixie Sticks, Nerds, or Fun Dip? We bet it’s been quite a while.


There are certain nostalgic sweets that immediately bring you back to memories of childhood play dates, birthday parties, and sleepovers, but that you haven’t indulged in as a full-fledged adult. 

But when one of those goodies is suddenly no longer available, we can’t help but feel the sting of not getting to have it one last time. 

Remember This Favorite Brand Of Bubble Gum?

Most of the time, the only gum that Mom allowed us to buy was the boring “sugar-free” varieties (gotta watch out for those cavities). Occasionally, we’d get to sneak in a wad of Double Bubble with our friends at the local little league and softball fields. 

But every once in a great while, Mom would cave and let us treat ourselves to a small pack of the sugariest, sweetest, best gum in the entire world - Fruit Stripe gum

Fruit Stripe

Sure, the sickeningly sweet flavor lasted all of thirty seconds in our mouths, but for that blissful half-minute, all was right in the world. (And who could forget that iconic commercial that played during our Saturday morning cartoons?)

It’s been years since most of us enjoyed a quick stick of Fruit Stripe gum (I guess as we grew up, we really did start listening to our dentists). But now, we might wish we indulged a little more often - because sadly, we’ll never get to experience chewing Fruit Stripe again. 

Fruit Stripe Gum Has Been Discontinued

After 50+ years, the makers of our beloved Fruit Stripe gum, Ferrera Candy, announced that it’ll no longer be sold. Devastating!

The manufacturer recently told Food & Wine that they “considered many factors before coming to this decision, including consumer preferences, and purchasing patterns.”

So basically, this is all our fault! How could we betray our favorite gum like this?

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Rest in peace, Fruit Stripe. May you live among LifeSavers Cream Savers, Butterfinger BBs, and Hershey’s Swoops in sweet treat heaven. 

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